Avalon Farms

Wendy Robbins of Avalon Farms

Avalon Farms LLC is located in one of the quaintest little towns in Southeast Alabama. Lloyd and Wendy Robbins have been cultivating beautiful local produce on their farm since 2010, using all organic fertilizers and pesticides making their produce free of any synthesized chemicals.

A treat awaits you under Avalon’s tent at Poplar Head Farmers Market; you will be graced with vibrant zephyr squash that are most definitely a market favorite, large elephant garlic that makes the hearts of garlic lovers the happiest, artisan salts that will amplify nearly any dish, and sugar snaps that will cause one to eat a whole bag with ease.

The dedication, hard work, and love that Lloyd and Wendy Robbins pour into their products is undeniably apparent. Make sure to check out their webpage or Facebook page to stay up to date with what they are diligently working on out on their sustainable farm!