3D Farms

The Doziers of 3D Farms

Leslie and Jarrod Dozier began their farming journey in 2009, with taking over Leslie’s late father’s cattle operation.

In 2016, 3D Farms began growing produce and throughout the years it has flourished into the large 20-acre full-time farm it is today. Walking their Headland farm during the spring you will see blossoming tomato plants, beautiful watermelon vines, pregnant heifers, spunky calves, and potato plants close to being ready. These are just a few of the amazing products that grow out on 3D Farms.

It’s inspiring to see the Dozier family’s farming journey and their commitment to producing high-quality homegrown produce and beef. Visiting 3D Farm’s tent at Poplar Head, you will be greeted by the whole Dozier family and a table full of fresh produce, Leslie’s mom and aunt’s homemade cream corn, and homegrown beef. Let’s not forget Jarrod’s roasted corn and boiled peanuts to top off the amazing experience you will have with 3D. The Dozier’s hard work and willingness to strive for amazing quality homegrown produce and beef shine through their product.

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